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Think Round shows that the key to propelling a business to its full potential and highest heights is not balance sheet engineering, acquisition acumen, organic reinvention, adroit board management or stunning quarterly earnings results. Mastery of those mechanics is the cost of entry not the accelerator to success.


The key to winning really big, and staying at the top of the business game, is empathy: the capacity to recognize and respond to emotions and aspirations experienced by your customers and consumers. The challenge for CEOs is how to scale empathy to the enterprise level so it can be a sustainable advantage in creating long-term value. Think Round is the guide to just that: a proven approach to owning the future by having 100% of your company focused on your consumer 100% of the time.


Peppered with invaluable real-world anecdotes and examples culled from the impressive careers of Martha Pease and Michael Campbell, who have helped companies like Apple, IBM, FedEx, Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Visa, Domino’s, Neutrogena and Unilever etch their names in the halls of business greats, Think Round is your guide to a better, brighter, executable and, ultimately, revelatory way of life for your organization.

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About the Authors


Martha Pease is a thought leader, executive, entrepreneur and trusted advisor at the intersection of technology innovation, marketing strategy and consumer accountability. She is a frequent contributor to CNN and  Apple, L’Oreal, IBM, Neutrogena, Pizza Hut, Dominos Pizza, Wendy’s, Elizabeth Arden, Novell, Pepsi, InterBev, P F Chang’s, Epson and Hitachi are among the companies Martha has marketed.


Michael Campbell is Chief Creative Officer of DemandWerks and an award-winning creative executive and company founder who has developed and led many of the world's most successful traditional and digital brand connection efforts including integrated campaigns for Apple, Dominos Pizza, DTC/De Beers, Duracell, FedEx, FilmDistrict, Frito-Lay, Guggenheim Partners, HBO, Merrill Lynch, NYSE, Novell, Pepsi, Visa, Smirnoff, Sony Pictures, Texaco, Unilever and US Navy. Michael has received every major advertising and marketing industry creative award, including the Emmy and Cannes Gold Lion.



About DemandWerks


DemandWerks is a thought leadership company that advises businesses on marketing strategy. The DemandWerks mission is to enable leaders to get 100% of their company thinking of consumers 100% of the time. The outcome of DemandWerks work ensures that what a company makes and sells aligns with what consumers really desire. Using a unique approach, DemandWerks methodology gets every individual in the organization inspired to be accountable to consumers and empowered to act to create new value for them. This is the key to competitiveness and reaching full market potential.


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